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5 Reasons to Purchase Sapphire Rings - A Guide to Sanity

Nov 21,2023 | Juyoyo

Like a masterpiece of nature, sapphire leads the fashion trend with its unique charm and outstanding performance. When purchasing jewelry, we seek not only appearance, but also practicality and value for money. This guide will take you through the top five benefits of sapphire rings, revealing the unique features of sapphire's robustness and affordability through vivid examples and comparisons with gemstones such as diamonds.

Reason 1: Sapphire Rings are Strong and Durable

1.Hardness and durability of sapphire

Sapphire, the king of gemstones, is perfect for everyday wear with its amazing hardness. According to the Mohs hardness scale, sapphire has a hardness of 9, second only to diamonds, making it flawless through everyday wear and scratches. Comparing sapphire to other gemstones is like pitting something immortal against the flood of time. Compared to the high price of diamonds, sapphires are not only no less hard, but also more affordable. With the same hardness for a more affordable option, sapphire rings have become the first choice for quality and rational consumption. In this age of visual and practicality, sapphire rings are both durable and affordable, allowing you to wear them on a daily basis and keep them looking as good as new for a long time.

2.Sapphire vs Diamond

Price: From an economic standpoint, sapphire rings are far less expensive than their diamond counterparts. This allows consumers seeking high quality jewelry to have an exciting ring at a more affordable price.

Hardness: Sapphires are no less hard than diamonds, both for everyday wear and for long-term preservation. This means that not only can you wear your ring as often as you like, but it will also retain its sophistication and brilliance.

Brilliance: The brilliance of sapphires is unique and eye-catching, and their deep blue hue is particularly eye-catching in sunlight. Compared to the white brilliance of diamonds, sapphires create a unique and captivating atmosphere with their distinctive color, making them an ideal choice for the personality-conscious consumer.

On the whole, sapphire rings have shown advantages comparable to or even better than diamonds in many aspects of comparison, providing an unmissable choice for you in pursuit of unique charm and rational consumption.

3.Sapphire rings are ideal for everyday wear

Sapphire rings are not only strong and durable, but also perfect for everyday wear. Its scratch-resistant nature makes it easy to cope with the challenges of everyday life, while its relatively affordable price makes it possible to become a high-quality piece of jewelry that adorns everyday life. With its unique charm, the sapphire ring is the perfect symbol of taste and practicality in an affordable option.







Mohs hardness   

9 (after diamonds)






High, suitable for daily wear 

Superior, also suitable for daily wear




Color Selection

Multiple colors, most notably blue

Usually colorless or slightly yellowish, requires high clarity



Color change, green to red