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Emerald Ring Popular Trends in 2024

May 10,2024 | Juyoyo

Emerald, known as the "king of gemstones," has been beloved for its captivating green color and unique charm for thousands of years. If you are looking for an engagement ring, consider trying an emerald ring. The era dominated by diamonds has passed, and more and more people prefer the colorful hues of gemstones to showcase their unique personalities. In 2024, emerald rings remain a popular choice in the jewelry world and exhibit some new trends, leading the fashion trends. Let's take a look at some emerald ring popular trends for 2024!

Vintage Emerald Rings

Attention! Vintage is back! The king of gemstones, the emerald, is arriving on the "battlefield". If you love history, you must know that emerald jewelry was loved by the nobility and many heirlooms were made from emerald gemstones. As a very famous gemstone in history, emerald can definitely "kill" in vintage style, and it is definitely the most suitable one in vintage style ring design.

The vintage trend that swept the fashion world in 2024 also affected jewelry design. Making more emerald rings reappear in everyone's view, as a gemstone that matches very well with vintage, the vintage design is maximized on emeralds, and people begin to appreciate more classic vintage styles, for example:

- Art Deco style emerald rings: characterized by geometric and symmetrical designs, with clean and clear lines, full of modernity.

- Mosaic style emerald ring: combining multiple emeralds of different shapes and sizes to present a rich sense of color and layering.

- Emerald egg surface ring: polished gemstone surface without any cutting surface, which can better emphasize the classic elegance of emerald, which will never go out of fashion.

Emerald and Colored Gemstone Ring

As cultures from different eras gradually merge, designers' inspirations are no longer limited to designs with a single gemstone. More designers like to use a combination of multiple gemstones to highlight different charms. Emeralds are usually paired with diamonds, but in recent years, as people explore color combinations, the combination of emeralds with other colored gemstones has become more common, such as:

- Emeralds and sapphires: blue and green are a fresh, natural and vibrant combination.

- Emeralds and rubies: the contrast between red and green is bold, passionate and full of character.

- Emeralds and pink gemstones: pink and green match, gentle and romantic, full of young girls.

Lab Emerald Rings

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, consumers are also beginning to pay attention to the sources and production processes of jewelry. More and more jewelers are starting to use lab-created emeralds to make rings. This technology is very mature, and lab-created emeralds have the same appearance as natural emeralds, can control the quality of production, and are cheaper than natural emeralds, gradually being accepted by the market.

Advantages of Lab Emerald Rings:

- Sustainable development: as lab gemstones, they are a renewable resource.

- Environmental protection: lab-created emerald rings do not require mining, thus protecting the natural environment.

- Affordable price: compared to natural emerald rings, lab grown emerald rings are more affordable due to lower production costs.

Custom Emerald Rings

As people's pursuit of individuality grows, it also means that they do not want to buy the same products as others, so the custom market has become more popular. By customizing an emerald ring, you can participate in its production, choose a design that is more meaningful to you, and is unique, which is very tempting for everyone.

Recommended Emerald Rings:

Art Deco Marquise Lab Emerald Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

Marquise Lab Emerald Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

This Art Deco style ring uses a 3*6mm marquise cut lab emerald as the main stone with two pear cut diamonds and several round cut diamonds to embellish, vintage design style with yellow gold, showing noble and elegant!

Oval Emerald and Opal Ring in 18k Yellow Gold

Oval Cut Emerald Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

This emerald ring has a classic design, with an oval main stone cut with side stones, uniquely accented by the use of opals rather than diamonds, an unusual pairing that gives it a novel feel and a beauty that blends cultures from different eras.


The resurgence of vintage styles, the diversity of gemstone combinations, sustainable development, and the pursuit of individuality are all influencing the popular trends of emerald rings. Emerald, this eternal gemstone, will continue to shine with its charming light through innovative designs and exquisite craftsmanship. Juyoyo uses high-quality lab emeralds to make emerald jewelry. You can also contact us to customize your exclusive emerald ring. Please send us a message if you need it!

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