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Each alexandrite ring is one-of-a-kind, known for its sparkling colors and color-changing properties, making it a perfect choice to symbolize emotions and commitments. Explore Juyoyo's handcrafted alexandrite rings, whether for engagement rings, wedding bands, or commemorative gifts, the uniqueness and beauty of alexandrite jewelry can convey deep feelings for you.

The History and Charm of Alexandrite

Alexandrite is named after Russian Tsar Alexander II—because the Tsar discovered its unique color-changing feature at his birthday party. In sunlight, these gems display a charming emerald green hue, while under incandescent light, they transform into a fascinating reddish-purple, hence the name alexandrite. This color change phenomenon is due to the gem's composition, allowing it to absorb and reflect different light under varying lighting conditions.

Meaning and Symbolism

Balance and Harmony: Alexandrite's ability to adapt to different environments and produce different colors symbolizes a flexible adaptation to life, achieving a harmonious relationship with it.

Transformation and New Beginnings: The unique color-changing effect of alexandrite, displaying differently in various environments, also metaphorizes starting anew in new environments.

Good Luck and Romance: It is said that wearing an alexandrite ring brings good luck to the wearer, hence it is often used for custom engagement rings.

Birthstone and Anniversary Stone: Alexandrite, along with pearls and moonstones, is one of June's birthstones, and it is also the commemorative gemstone for the 55th anniversary, carrying a very romantic meaning.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Alexandrite Ring

Cut: The cut of the gemstone significantly affects its color change and brightness. Popular cuts include round, oval, and cushion cuts, each providing a unique aesthetic effect.

Clarity: Like all gemstones, clarity plays a crucial role in determining the value and beauty of an alexandrite ring. Choose a gem with minimal flaws for the best brightness and color-changing effect.

Color: Alexandrite comes in various shades of green and red, with some gems showing more dramatic color changes than others. When selecting color intensity, consider your personal preferences.

Metal: Alexandrite rings are typically made of precious metals such as gold, platinum, and silver. Choose a metal that complements the gemstone color and your style.

Alexandrite Ring Popular Styles 

Solitaire Ring: As the most classic design, the entire ring focuses on a single alexandrite stone, showcasing the charm of the gem.

Halo Ring: A gorgeous choice. Surrounding the alexandrite with a circle of different gemstones or diamonds enhances the overall sparkle of the ring, making it elegant and exquisite.

Vintage Style Ring: With the resurgence of vintage fashion, a "renaissance" design is more eye-catching. The vintage style of the alexandrite ring pays homage to trends from different eras.

Natural Inspiration Ring: Flowers, branches, and other natural inspirations combined with alexandrite create a natural and inspiring alexandrite ring that evokes a longing for nature, a unique beauty is coming.

If you are looking for a unique alexandrite ring, we offer customization services to help you realize your personalized jewelry dream. Juyoyo uses high-quality alexandrites with experienced designers and skilled craftsmen to handcraft the perfect alexandrite ring for you. Please contact us for more information.


Is Alexandrite Good for an Engagement Ring?

Yes, alexandrite is associated with luck, love, and creativity, making it an extraordinary and meaningful choice for engagement and wedding rings. Its color-changing properties and symbolism represent change, growth, and transformation, which are significant for a lifelong commitment.

How Much Does a 1-carat Alexandrite Ring?

The price of alexandrite varies due to multiple factors, and we offer a variety of price options.

Does Your Alexandrite Rings Use Natural Alexandrites?

No, natural alexandrites are very rare and expensive. We use high-quality lab-created alexandrites. Lab-created gemstones are more affordable and because the production environment is controllable, the quality is guaranteed so that you can buy with confidence.

Which Cutting Style of Alexandrite Ring Is the Best?

Each cutting style has its charm. We offer many cutting styles: round cut, oval cut, pear cut, emerald cut, princess cut, etc., so you can find the one that suits your preferences.

Why People Like Alexandrite Rings?

Because of its unique color-changing effect, the "emerald in the daytime, ruby at night," is beautiful and charming.

Can I Customize an Alexandrite Ring with Diamonds?

Of course. We offer combinations of diamonds and alexandrites, as well as combinations of alexandrites and different gemstones, to create a ring with unique meaning.