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Everything You Should Know About June Birthstones

May 29,2024 | Juyoyo

Did you know? June has not just one, not even two, but three birthstones! People born in June are fortunate to have three beautiful birthstones, each with its unique history, legend, and symbolism. Let's explore these three enchanting June birthstones together!

What are the June Birthstones?

Pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite are the birthstones for June.

June Birthstone Pearl: Miracle of the Ocean

Pearls are natural wonders formed inside mollusks. They are the only gemstones created by living organisms. The formation process typically takes several years, and their smooth surface and lustrous sheen make them one of the most classic gemstones.

June Birthstone Moonstone: Gift of the Night Sky

Moonstones are famous for their unique blue sheen and mysterious appearance. Their name derives from the blue glow reflected on their surface, resembling the effect of moonlight on water.

June Birthstone Alexandrite: Miracle of Changing Colors

Alexandrite is an extremely rare and precious gemstone known for its unique color-changing effect. It appears green during the day and turns red or purple under incandescent light or at night.

History and Legends of June Birthstones

Pearls, moonstones and alexandrites, the birthstones of June, each have a rich history as well as a moving legend.

Pearl History and Legends

Pearls are the most traditional June birthstone and have been symbols of purity and wisdom since ancient times. In the past, pearls were often used in royal jewelry, symbolizing nobility and purity. It is said that Cleopatra once dissolved a pearl in wine to demonstrate her wealth and power.

Moonstone History and Legends

In ancient Roman and Indian cultures, the mystical moonstone was believed to be solidified moonlight, symbolizing the moon goddess's blessings. It was said that wearing moonstone could enhance intuition and spirituality, bringing good luck.

Alexandrite History and Legends

Alexandrite was first discovered in Russia in the 19th century and named after Tsar Alexander II due to its unique color-changing effect. It was considered the tsar's lucky stone, symbolizing good fortune and power.

Where are the June birthstones From?

June birthstones from different regions globally.

- Pearl: Pearls can be divided into saltwater pearls and freshwater pearls. Major producers of saltwater pearls include Japan and Australia, while China is the main producer of freshwater pearls.

- Moonstone: Mainly sourced from India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Tanzania.

- Alexandrite: Primarily found in Russia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, and Tanzania.

The Symbolism of the June Birthstones

- Pearl: Symbolizes purity, loyalty, and wisdom. They are often used in wedding jewelry, representing the pure love and fidelity of newlyweds.

- Moonstone: Symbolizes hope, spirituality, and protection. It is believed to balance emotions and help people find inner peace and tranquility.

- Alexandrite: Symbolizes transformation, innovation, and creativity. It is thought to enhance the wearer's intuition and wisdom, helping them navigate changes and challenges in life.

Why Does June Have Three Birthstones?

The reasons for June having three birthstones are primarily related to the development history of birthstone traditions, the rarity and diversity of gemstones, and changing market demands.

1. Historical and Cultural Development: In ancient times, using gemstones to represent months and birthdays was a cultural tradition. Although there are no records detailing the specific birthstones for each month in these cultures, this tradition was recognized and continued. As knowledge of gemstones increased, the American Gem Society standardized the first official birthstone list in 1921, designating pearl and moonstone as June birthstones. Later, with the discovery of new gemstones and changes in market demand, alexandrite also became a June birthstone in the mid-19th century.

2. Diverse Demand: Different cultures have different preferred gemstones. To cater to various markets, having multiple birthstones for June satisfies diverse cultural beliefs and provides consumers with more flexible choices.

3. Rarity of Gemstones: The rarity of gemstones affects their price. Pearls and moonstones are relatively common and affordable, while alexandrite is rarer and more expensive. Offering multiple choices allows more people to afford and enjoy the birthstones of June.


June's birthstones—pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite—each have unique characteristics symbolizing purity, spirituality, and transformation. They hold profound historical and cultural significance and display unparalleled beauty and uniqueness in modern jewelry design. Whether as a birthday gift or a treat for oneself, these three gemstones are invaluable treasures worth cherishing and wearing.