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What is July's Birthstone? Ruby - Gem of July

Jun 28,2024 | Juyoyo

Every month has its own birthstone(s), so, what is the birthstone of July born? The July birthstone is Ruby, a gorgeous July gemstone, considered as the most valuable gemstone with the reputation of being the “king of precious stones”. Celebrated for its deep red colour, ruby is often associated with passion, protection, royalty and wealth. Let's take a deep journey of the July birthstone - Ruby, and then choose your lucky Ruby jewelry.

Table of Contents

1. What is the July Birthstone?

Ruby, the July birthstone, is a type of corundum mineral that contains traces of chromium, which gives it its red color. The more chromium a stone contains, the darker red it appears. Chromium can also cause red fluorescence (a visible light emitted temporarily by certain gemstone materials when exposed to high-energy sources such as ultraviolet light (such as sunlight), X-rays, or lasers), which makes the red color more vivid.

The name ruby is derived from the Latin "Ruber", meaning red. Known as the "king of gemstones", ruby is famous for its rarity and hardness, so most ruby jewelry on sale is made from lab ruby.

2. History and Legends of July Birthstone

In ancient India, rubies were of immense value and were known as "ratnaraj", meaning the king of gems. They were prized by royalty and believed to bring power, wealth, and success. During the Middle Ages, rubies became popular with the European nobility. Throughout history, rubies have been used in various forms of royal adornment and continue to be valued as one of the world's most precious gemstones.

3. Physical Properties of Ruby

Physical Properties


Refractive index

1.762 - 1.770


0.008 - 0.010


3.97 - 4.05

Moh's hardness

9 (less than 10 for diamond)




Transparent to translucent


Vitreous to sub-diamond luster



Special optical effect

Starlight effect (six-ray starlight or twelve-ray starlight, an optical phenomenon caused by the special crystal structure of ruby)


There is an obvious weak red fluorescence under long- and short-wave ultraviolet rays.


Rubies are known for their vibrant red color, ranging from a deep blood-red to a lighter pinkish-red, and the reddest is commonly known as "pigeon blood red".

Ruby, a superb gemstone, earns its reputation from color and hardness, contributing to the allure and desirability of rubies as precious gemstones.

4. Significance of Ruby Gemstone as a July Birthstone

Love and Passion: Rubies have been associated with love and passion for a long time. They symbolize intense emotions, romance, and desire.

Vitality and Energy: Rubies are believed to give vitality and energy to those who wear them. They are said to increase motivation, confidence, and courage.

Protection and Luck: Rubies are believed to repel negative energy, evil spirits, and misfortune. They can bring good luck to the wearer.

Prosperity and Wealth: Throughout history, rubies have been believed to attract wealth, prosperity, and success.

5. Where Can You Buy Exquisite Ruby Jewelry?

In addition to giving ruby jewelry for a July birthday gift, rubies are also traditionally given for 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. So rubies are the ideal gift for a loved one!

Juyoyo Oval Cut Ruby Engagement Pavé Halo Engagement Ring

oval cut ruby engagement ring

This ruby engagement ring is designed in the Art Deco style, with an oval cut ruby gemstone set in the center and surrounded by moissanite, making this ring look gorgeous and a good choice for an engagement ring.

Juyoyo 2ct Round Cut Lab Ruby 925 Sterling Silver Engagement Ring

round cut ruby engagement ring

If you are looking for a ruby color that tends towards the "pigeon blood" color, then this round-cut ruby engagement ring will be to your taste!

Juyoyo Pear Shaped Ruby Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

pear shaped ruby engagement ring

This pear-shaped ruby ring has a lighter red color, which is more suitable for a young girl, making her look more vibrant and brighter.

Juyoyo Muti Gemstone Ring Lab Alexandrite & Ruby & Pearl Ring

alexandrite ruby pearl ring

If you want to give a double blessing then this is the ring for you. This ring is a mix of lab alexandrite, ruby, and pearl gemstones, including the June birthstone and the July birthstone. You can also customize it to create a unique ring for those you love.

6. Conclusion

The birthstone has a long history and rich imagery. Juyoyo birthstone jewelry is a beautiful and timeless choice, whether you want to connect with your inner self or celebrate the unique identity of a loved one.

7. FAQS about July Birthstone

What are the differences between ruby and red garnet?

The main difference is in their color range. Ruby is known for its rich red color, ranging from a pinkish red to a deep blood red, while red garnets is often a deeper, sometimes darker red.

What are the zodiac signs for July?

Two zodiac signs fall under July: Cancer zodiac sign (6/22-7/22) and Leo zodiac sign (7/23-8/22). It is a good choice to give a zodiac necklace as a birthday present to these two zodiac friends.

Is there another birthstone for July?

Onyx is another July birthstone. However, ruby is the most recognized July birthstone.

What does Ruby do for healing?

Rubies are believed to improve emotional well-being and help overcome emotional blockages by stimulating the heart chakra.