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About us

We are passionate creators, but also your listeners


Juyoyo is the preeminent custom jeweler, and our strength lies in designing and crafting highly personalized jewelry for our discerning clients. We specialize in exquisite yet avant-garde jewelry, each piece handcrafted for you, showcasing our design flair and uncompromising craftsmanship in that we have built our reputation. We also do our part for environmental protection and responsible initiatives. We use recyclable gemstone and metal materials, conflict-free diamonds, and for some rare gemstones that are difficult to mine, we promote lab-grown gemstones.

Our Inspiration

Juyoyo is inspired by all the little details that come together to tell your story. Our desire to create jewelry that makes you feel glamorous and unique also fuels our creativity. It's not just a piece of jewelry, it could represent a sweet memory, a precious moment, or a meaningful gift from a loved one. Our designers pour their passion into every ring they make. We believe that handcrafted jewelry makes women feel more loved, and we are committed to making your big day more memorable. You are very welcome to customize the ring of your dream, looking forward to working with you on creating a one-of-a-kind ring.

Our Workflow

At Juyoyo, our jewelry is handcrafted by a small but mighty team to create exclusive accessories especially for you, and our goal is to create exquisite jewelry that is second to none. We design our jewelry with a focus on comfort and durability to ensure that it is jewelry you will treasure for a lifetime.

Our Perceptions

At Juyoyo, we encourage waste-free production, all jewelry is produced in small batches or on demand, this is to avoid excessive waste of raw materials and also to improve the quality of our products, producing less but with better quality.

Service Guide

To this day, each member of the Juyoyo team continues to bring you unique jewelry designs and the most beautiful gemstones.

All of our gemstones are hand-selected to provide you with the highest quality products through the careful design of our designers and the meticulous work of our craftsmen.

Our team is not big, but we are eager to understand your needs, which means you will always be able to talk to someone and get the best advice. We are committed to providing you with a friendly and efficient service, so please trust us to produce jewelry that you can wear with confidence.


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