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A Simple Guide To Customizing Your Engagement Ring

Customizing an engagement ring of your dreams is a process full of anticipation, with several customization options to create your ideal engagement ring that complements your vibe and style. Customizing an engagement ring may sound like a more complicated process, but we have the professional designers and team to bring you efficient service. Follow the steps below and let's create your dream ring together.

Step 1: Choose the design style you like

We offer a variety of styles, so this part of the selection may make it a little difficult for you to decide, but you can choose by referring to her usual outfits or her personality. In the following, we provide some reference pictures and explanations. Whatever your choice is, we will make sure that the design will shine through your engagement ring. Also, we are more than happy to work with you if you would like to modify any details in the original design.

solitaire engagement rings

The solitaire engagement ring is a ring with a single main stone, and as one of the most classic styles, it is a simple yet elegant ring that has proven to be timeless and is still one of the most popular settings.

halo engagement rings

A halo engagement ring with a circle of smaller moissanite or diamonds around the main stone helps draw attention to the larger, more dazzling main stone and maximizes its magnificent brilliance through a "halo" effect.

pave engagement rings

A pave engagement ring is a ring with some small moissanite or diamonds set in the band. This type of pavé accentuates the beauty of the main stone, which looks larger and adds a sense of grandeur to the ring. pave rings have always been one of the popular ring categories and are well loved by the public.

side stones engagement rings

A side stone engagement ring is a ring with accent stones set near the main stone. Generally, the secondary stones on either side will be smaller and the secondary stones can have various shapes. This design can effectively highlight the luster and beauty of the main stone.

vintage engagement rings

Vintage engagement rings are a unique classical style of engagement ring, they do not have a set design template, and each era and revolutionary period has its own special style. Vintage engagement rings are one of the most popular rings for couples and we would love to hear about your customization needs to create the vintage engagement ring of your dreams.

twisted bands

The twisted band ring is like two ropes entwined together, symbolizing the beautiful relationship between two people, breaking the conventional image of the traditional ring, and giving people a bright look.


Step 2:Choose the stone you like

At Juyoyo, we offer a diverse selection of gemstones, each with its own unique meaning, that can give your engagement ring a special significance.


In the list below are the stones that our customers often choose, but if you have a need for other gemstones, such as diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds, or some of the rarer stones, please contact us for your customization.

Step 3: Selecting the cut of the stone

Choose the shape of the main stone cut according to your preference.


Currently, the classic round cut is the most popular cut in engagement rings. Other common cuts include oval cut, pear cut, marquise cut, princess cut, emerald cut, etc. Different cuts of gemstones produce different visual effects.


The round cut, also known as the round brilliant cut, is the cut most people associate with it. With 57 facets that reflect light and create extra sparkle, it was originally used for diamonds and is now widely used for gemstones as well, effectively capturing the stone's stunning brilliance. This cut works well with all metals and all styles, making the round cut by far the most popular choice for engagement ring cuts, a classic cut that is simple, elegant and timeless.

oval cut

The oval cut is a slender, round brilliant cut between the round cut and the marquise cut. A new fashion cut, the oval cut offers the brilliance and fire of round-cut stones, but it is more distinctive in shape because it makes oval-cut jewelry appear larger than round-cut jewelry. Oval-cut stones make fingers look thinner and longer, and can flatter a variety of hand shapes.

pear shaped

Resembling a teardrop, the pear cut combines the characteristics of the round cut and the marquise cut in a modified round brilliant cut with rounded ends and tips that beautifully reflect light and bring out the color of the stone dramatically. Its unique and elegantly tapered profile makes it a delightful choice for engagement rings.

marquise cut

The marquise cut has the largest crown of any fancy cut stone, creating the most sparkle by maximizing the space for light to reflect. It captures hearts because of its unique smile shape, a cut that makes your fingers appear thinner and longer, and its distinctive shape makes them perfect for vintage style.

Princess cut

The princess cut is square (sometimes rectangular) and shaped like an inverted pyramid with sharp corners and nearly 76 small facets, a structure that maximizes light reflection and creates a sparkling effect. The princess cut is one of the most popular shapes in the world of diamonds and gemstones. The princess cut dates back to 1961 and was developed in 1979 into what we know as the modern princess cut. This design combines the softness of the diamond with the architectural style of the diamond horn and is very popular among women.

emerald cut

The emerald cut is one of the biggest engagement ring trends we've seen to date,the emerald cut features a contoured step cut and a slender rectangular shape, a cut that accentuates the color of the stone and exudes a soft glow. It has a typically vintage feel, but it also works well with the sleek, modern ring designs favored by Beyoncé, Avril Lavigne and many others.


The hexagonal cut, known for its geometric lines and captivating beauty, is a hexagonal step cut similar to the emerald cut, which makes the ring look longer and wider. A hexagonal cut engagement ring looks very striking and beautiful.

cushion cut

The cushion cut, also known as the Old European cut, is a classic traditional cut that combines the strength of a round brilliant with the symmetry of a radiant cut, usually consisting of 58-64 facets, a square with beveled corners that not only maximizes the use of the original stone but also enhances the brilliance and clarity of the stone,this cut gives a soft, vintage feel.


Step 4: Choose the type and color of metal you like

It's a relatively simple process, just choose the material and color you want based on your personal preference.

Choose the color and material of your ideal ring

At Juyoyo, we focus on creating engagement rings that are built to last, so we pay extra attention to the choice of materials and offer a selection of colors commonly found in the jewelry industry.


Available Metal Materials                     

925 Sterling Silver                              

14k Yellow Gold            

18k Yellow Gold            


Available Metal Color

Rose Gold 

Yellow Gold

White Gold

Contact us with your ideas

We believe you have a rough idea now, please feel free to send us an email with your brilliant ideas. We will build your ring model based on the information you provide and send you rendering images. We will adjust every detail of it until you tell us it is perfect. If you are not inspired, please refer to our previous work and tell us the details you want to change. You can also collect and send us pictures of the rings you are interested in so that we can understand your thoughts better.