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Cushion Cut Rings

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  • Cushion Cut
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Luxury meets timeless beauty in our cushion cut engagement rings. The soft edges and exquisite design offer comfort and elegance. A cushion cut ring is a symbol of the comfort and beauty you bring to each other's lives.

3 products
3 products
FAQ Accordion

Cushion Cut Ring FAQs

What Is a Cushion Cut?

The cushion cut is a gemstone cutting technique commonly used for diamonds. It is characterized by the gem's slightly rounded corners and a four-sided shape with gently curved edges, resembling a cushion, hence the name.

Characteristics of Cushion Cut Diamonds?

Unique appearance combining modern and vintage elements.
The larger bottom and rounded corners can make the gemstone appear larger.
Exhibits excellent fire and brilliance.

How Does the Cushion Cut Differ from Other Diamond Shapes?

The primary feature of cushion cut diamonds is their rounded corners and slightly curved shape, setting them apart from other shapes such as round cut, oval cut, and pear shaped, giving them a distinct appearance and style.

Which Types of Rings Suit Cushion Cut Diamonds?

Cushion cut diamonds are suitable for various types of rings, including engagement rings, wedding bands, and custom jewelry.

Are There Popular Styles or Trends for Cushion Cut Diamonds?

Cushion cut diamonds may experience different trends over time. Currently, halo and vintage-style rings featuring cushion cut diamonds are particularly popular.

History and Symbolism of Cushion Engagement Rings?

The cushion cut diamond dates back to the 18th century and has a vintage appeal. While it doesn't have specific symbolism, it is generally regarded as a symbol of luxury and romance.

What Types of Gemstones Are Suitable for Cushion Engagement Rings?

While cushion cut diamonds are the most common choice, Cushion Engagement Rings can also feature other gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds, etc. This choice depends on personal preferences and style.

Are Cushion Engagement Rings Suitable for All Hand Shapes and Finger Sizes?

Cushion Engagement Rings are suitable for various hand shapes and finger sizes. However, the choice of diamond size and ring design should be based on the recipient's hand shape and personal preferences. Additionally, elongated cushion cut engagement rings are an option for longer fingers.

The Connection Between Cushion Engagement Rings and Halo Designs?

Cushion Engagement Rings are often paired with halo designs, which means that small diamonds or other gemstones surround the central diamond, enhancing the ring's overall grandeur and sparkle. Cushion cut halo engagement rings are also highly popular.