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Jewelry Promise: Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Oct 30,2023 | Juyoyo

An engagement ring, symbolizing eternal love and commitment, is a precious possession for a lifetime. Therefore, choosing a perfect engagement ring is an important and exciting task. In this blog post, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to engagement ring shopping to help you make the best choice for this special occasion.


1. Set a Budget

Before you start looking for an engagement ring, the first task is to set a reasonable budget. Being clear about how much you are willing to spend will help to limit your choices and ensure that you don't overspend. While an engagement ring is a valuable investment, it's also important to carefully consider your finances.


2. Ring Size

Planning a proposal is a romantic endeavor. Make sure you know your fiancée's ring size. You surely want to give her the biggest surprise, but you don't know the right ring size for her, and if you ask her directly, the surprise may be ruined. Are you struggling with this? Next, let's explore these helpful tips together:

Borrow her ring: quietly take a ring from her jewelry box to measure the inner diameter, which is the most accurate method.

Ask friends and family: Her close friends or family may know her ring size, especially if they have bought jewelry for her in the past. Remember to inform your friend in advance to keep it a secret~

Old Rings or Clues from Her Preferences: Observe any rings she used to wear for size markings or if there are any clues to details. Some women may share their rings on social media, which may contain sizing information.

TEMPORARY SOLUTION: If you are still unsure of the size, choose a slightly larger ring as rings can be resized later. We support 30-day returns, so you can buy with confidence.


3. Know her style

Knowing your fiancée's style is crucial. Some prefer classic, traditional styles, while others may favor more modern, trendy designs. Observing her usual jewelry choices, and clothing styles, or discussing them with her directly can provide you with valuable information about her preferences.

Engagement ring styles range from classic solitaireornate halo settings, elegant side-stone styles, and unique vintage styles.

Ring bands come in a variety of designs, from classic and simple to uniquely twisted or ornate with pavé details.

4. Choose the type of metal

Engagement rings are typically crafted from white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum. Choosing the right type of metal should take into account her skin color, personal preferences, and allergy history. White gold and yellow gold are common choices, and both have a timeless beauty.


5. Gemstone Selection


Most engagement rings are set with gemstones, with diamonds being the most common choice. Understanding the "4C" of diamonds – Carat weight, Cut, Color, and Clarity – all directly influence the diamond's appearance and value. Diamond engagement rings also symbolize eternal love.

In addition to diamonds, colored gemstones are an excellent choice for engagement rings. If your fiancée prefers other colored gemstones, it's worthwhile to learn about the significance of these gemstone types and colors to ensure your choice aligns with her preferences:

- Moissanite symbolizes solid, tenacious feelings.

- Alexandrite represents the evolution of love and miracles.

- Moss Agate symbolizes harmony and mutual understanding between spouses.

- Moonstone symbolizes romantic love and the depth of emotions.


For more knowledge about colored gemstones, you can read our Engagement Ring Gemstone Guide.


6. Choosing the Gemstone Cut

The cut is crucial to the beauty of the diamond/gemstone. A quality cut allows the diamond/gemstone to radiate a gorgeous fire. Gemstones come in a variety of cuts, including traditional round, elegant oval, delicate pear, and more.


7. Personalization Options

If seeking uniqueness you can consider adding personalized elements to the engagement ring, such as engraving or custom design, our personalized support includes one-on-one design services to create a unique and romantic ring.


8. Complete Your Purchase

Choose the engagement ring that speaks to you and complete your ring shopping. We support PayPal, credit cards, and credit card installments.

An engagement ring is a special gift that represents the deep love and commitment between you and your fiancée. By following the above guidelines, you can feel more confident in choosing the perfect engagement ring to make this momentous occasion even more precious and memorable. Regardless of the ring you choose, the most important thing is that it should fit in with the love story of you and your fiancée and become a precious symbol for a lifetime. Juyoyo Jewelry would like to wish you a successful proposal in advance~!