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Moonstone Vs. Rainbow Moonstone: Find the Differences

Jun 27,2024 | Juyoyo

Many people may confuse moonstone and rainbow moonstone. If you want to choose a suitable Moonstone jewelry between Rainbow Moonstone and Moonstone, you can read this article before making an informed decision. In this article, you will discover the differences, meanings, and properties of these two "similar" gemstones. Let's get started!

rainbow moonstone vs moonstone

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Meaning of Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone

Moonstone Meaning

Moonstone is a gemstone that belongs to the feldspar family of minerals. It is a variety of orthoclase, which is an alkali feldspar. It's known for its unique adularescence effect, which creates a light diffraction that results in a moon-like glow when moving across the stone. This effect is due to the layering of different types of feldspar with different refractive indices.

Historically and traditionally, it is associated with the lunar deities and symbolizes inner growth and strength. It is believed to bring serenity, peace, and balance. It's also the June birthstone, often associated with love and passion, making it a popular birthday gift for those born in June.

feldspar gems group

Rainbow Moonstone Meaning

Rainbow Moonstone, is also a gemstone of the feldspar family. However, rainbow moonstone is typically a variety of labradorite, which belongs to the plagioclase feldspar. Despite its name, it's not a true moonstone. It displays a Labradorescence and often has a vivid play of colors, similar to a rainbow, which can shift and change as the stone is moved and viewed from different angles.

Rainbow Moonstone is said to carry the energies of protection, clear the mind and senses, and promote lucid dreaming and restful sleep. It's believed to deflect negativity and ease emotional trauma.

Moonstone Vs. Rainbow Moonstone on Physical Properties

Similarities Between Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone

Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone have almost similar physical properties due to the common composition of the feldspar group. Here are the similar physical characteristics:

Composition: Feldspar minerals

Hardness (Mohs scale): 6 - 6.5

Specific gravity: 2.58 - 2.64

Refractive index: 1.518 - 1.526

Cleavage: Perfect in one direction

Luster: Pearly to vitreous

Transparency: Ranging from translucent to transparent

Differences between Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone

However, there are differences in some aspects, details of which are given below:


Moonstone belongs to the orthoclase branch of the feldspar group.

Rainbow Moonstone belongs to the labradorite group of the feldspar group.

Crystal System

Moonstone belongs to the monoclinic crystal system.

Rainbow moonstone belongs to the triclinic crystal system.


Moonstone is typically white or colorless and also occurs in shades of peach, silver, and blue.

Rainbow moonstone displays a range of colors including blue, green, pink, and purple, often creating a rainbow-like effect.

Optical Phenomenon

Moonstone has blue, silver, or white adularescence. Moonstone appears as a floating light or a soft, milky sheen.

Rainbow moonstone shows the usual rainbow blue-white, yellow, pink, red, yellow-green, etc., including a play of colors, not just the usual white and blue.

Table showing similarities and differences between Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone

Property Moonstone Rainbow Moonstone


Feldspar minerals

Feldspar minerals

Hardness (Mohs scale)

6 - 6.5

6 - 6.5

Specific gravity

2.58 - 2.64

2.58 - 2.64

Refractive index

1.518 - 1.526

1.518 - 1.526


Perfect in one direction

Perfect in one direction


Pearly to vitreous

Pearly to vitreous


Ranging from translucent to transparent

Ranging from translucent to transparent




Crystal System




White, colorless, peach, silver, and blue

A range of colors

Optical Phenomenon

Adularescence - appears as a floating light or a soft, milky sheen

Rainbow-like, a play of colors, not just the usual white and blue

Moonstone Vs. Rainbow Moonstone on Mental Significance

Mental Properties on Moonstone

Enhances intuition: Moonstone is said to enhance understanding, psychic abilities, intuition, and decisions based on inner knowing.

Introspection and self-discovery: Moonstone promotes introspection and self-discovery. It helps individuals explore their inner selves and uncover hidden emotions and desires.

New beginnings and personal growth: Moonstone is associated with new beginnings and can be an aid to personal growth and transformation. It can provide hope, motivation, and a renewed sense of purpose that can carry a person through dark times and help them navigate life's changes and transitions.

Psychological Properties of Rainbow Moonstone

Joy and happiness: Rainbow moonstone is believed to bring a sense of joy and happiness. Its colorful play of hues can lift the mood and create a sense of optimism and enthusiasm.

Emotional healing and balance: It's thought to help release negative emotions and ease emotional trauma, promote a sense of peace and harmony, and bring a sense of calm and serenity to the mind.

Feminine energies: Rainbow moonstone is often associated with feminine energies and is believed to have a profound effect on the feminine aspects of one's being.

Popular Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry

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Juyoyo Round Rainbow Moonstone and Diamond Twig and Leaf Natural Inspired Ring

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In terms of crystal energy, Rainbow Moonstone is said to have higher vibrations than Moonstone and is often used for the engagement ring. At Juyoyo, you can find various beautiful moonstone rings or rainbow moonstone rings at affordable prices. There's always one to suit your choice!



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