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[2024 Guides] Flush Fit Vs. Non-Flush Fit Engagement Rings

Jun 21,2024 | Juyoyo

Choosing an engagement ring is a matter that needs to be well thought out. You may have a general understanding of the different types of engagement rings, such as styles, gemstones, shapes, etc. However, wearing rings on different fingers also needs to be considered.

If you have tangled in flush-fit engagement rings or non-flush-fit engagement rings, you can refer to this comprehensive article before making an informed decision. We will discuss the differences between flush fit vs. non-flush fit engagement rings.


What is a Flush Fit Engagement Ring

Flush-fit rings are designed so that the wedding band sits flush with the engagement ring(s), without any gap between them. This style is well known for its sleek look and for the secure setting that it provides for the gemstone.


  1. Protects the stone from snagging and unevenness and enhances the security of the center stone.
  2. The design of this flush-setting engagement ring offers a modern, sleek aesthetic.
  3. Comfortable and practical for everyday wear.


  1. Limited design options compared to non-flush-fit engagement rings.
  2. Not suitable for those who prefer a more elaborate style.

Four Dedicated Flush Fit Engagement Rings

Juyoyo Solitaire 2.0 ct Half Bezel Moissanite Engagement Ring

flush fit moissanite engagement ring

This solitaire engagement ring is a low-profile, flush-fit ring. The main stone is set into the band so that it is flush with the surface, protecting the gemstone perfectly.

Juyoyo Moissanite Engagement Ring Set

moissanite engagement ring set

This moissanite engagement ring set includes a flush-mounted setting, the wedding band is composed of a unique hexagonal cut moissanite gemstone, and the surface of the flush-mounted engagement ring is embossed. The setting is simple but unique.

Juyoyo Moissanite Engagement and Wedding Ring Set

moissanite engagement wedding ring set

This bridal set is mainly composed of a large moissanite gemstone and the engagement ring has a half eternity design. This setting emphasizes the brilliance of the diamonds.

Juyoyo Twisted Moonstone and Diamond Ring Set

moonstone and diamond ring set

If you are looking for a flush-setting engagement ring with a specific and unique design, this twisted moonstone and diamond ring set is the perfect choice. The V-shaped design fits the moonstone perfectly, making the whole look more harmonious and beautiful.

What is a Non-Flush Fit Engagement Ring

In contrast, a non-flush-fit engagement ring will typically have a raised setting for the gemstone, which could be in the form of a prong, a bezel, or some other raised style. This creates a gap between the engagement ring and the wedding band when worn together. It is often the engagement ring with a low setting.


  1. More design options compared to flush set engagement rings.
  2. Appeal to those who like traditional and elaborate styles.
  3. Various settings, such as prong, bezel, halo, etc. Can enhance the brilliance of the centre stone.


  1. A little risk of snagging and damage.
  2. Some settings may not be suitable for certain diamond shapes or sizes.

Which to Choose: Flush-fit or Non-flush-fit Engagement Ring

When choosing between a flush- or non-flush-fit engagement ring, it's important to consider these differences, pros, and cons in terms of your style, comfort, and lifestyle. Ultimately, the decision should be based on what is aesthetically pleasing to you, and what will provide the best balance of comfort and security for the center stone that you have chosen.