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Do Moissanite Rings Work for Weight Loss? Unraveled the Puzzle

Jun 25,2024 | Juyoyo

Moissanite rings are popular because of their price and quality, and more and more people tend to buy a Moissanite ring as an engagement or wedding ring. However, have you ever heard of using a moissanite ring for weight loss? It seems like a ridiculous opinion, is it true with any evidence? In this blog, we will discuss the mystery of whether moissanite rings work for weight loss. Let's unravel the mystery together!

Table of Contents

1. What is Moissanite?

Moissanite, composed of silicon carbide (SiC), is a gemstone that is often used as an alternative to diamonds in jewelry for its quality and affordable price. It was first discovered in 1893 by French chemist Henri Moissan, who went on to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work. Moissanite is often used in engagement rings, earrings, and other fine jewelry pieces.

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Physical Properties of Moissanite Vs. Diamond

Moissanite has a Mohs' scale of 9.25 and diamond has a 10, the hardness of moissanite is second only to that of diamond, making it a durable choice for jewelry. In addition, moissanite has a higher brilliance and fire (the dispersion of light into color) than diamond. Moissanite is a good and beautiful choice for those who prefer a more sparkling engagement ring. What's more, for the same quality and carat, an affordable moissanite engagement ring is more attractive for those on a limited budget.

Physical Properties Moissanite Diamond
Hardness (Mohs Scale) 9.25 10
Refractive Index 2.65-2.69 2.42
Dispersion 0.104 0.044
Brilliance Higher Brilliance and Fire Higher Brilliance
Specific Gravity 3.21 3.52

2. Unveiling: Moissanite Rings for Weight Loss

Mental and Psychological Effects

In general, moissanite rings work mentally and psychologically for weight loss. In other words, wearing a beautiful moissanite ring can increase your motivation to lose weight, it is more like a psychological boost. Here is a list of some of the positive effects that the wearing of a moissanite ring will have:

Confidence Boost: Wearing wonderful moissanite ring jewelry can boost your confidence and self-esteem. It can make you feel more attractive and fashionable, which can have a positive effect on your state of mind. It can make you feel confident about losing weight to look and feel healthier.

Symbolic Significance: Wearing a Moissanite ring can hold personal or symbolic meaning and serve to recall these positive emotions or experiences. It may represent an engagement, a wedding, a celebration, or a sweet memory, which can have a positive psychological effect.

Joy and Happiness: A beautiful moissanite ring can be a source of joy and happiness. The sparkle and brilliance of a moissanite ring can be a relief from anxiety and a boost to your mood.

Control Emotional Eating: Weight gain is always blamed for emotional eating, but there is a point at which someone who has an item of personal significance can better regulate their emotions. A piece of beautiful moissanite ring can be a way of breaking this negative cycle and a way of better emotional regulation.

Moissanite Gemstone Energy Theory

Gemstone's energy is subjective and will vary according to individual beliefs and practices. Moissanite is associated with certain metaphysical energies of joy and compassion. It is also said to promote positive living and clear negative emotions. Wearing moissanite rings can make your surroundings more positive, help you to be more motivated, and keep a strong belief in the journey of weight loss. The shine of a moissanite ring on your finger will inspire you every moment to complete a beautiful transformation.

3. Real Experience with Using a Moissanite Ring for Weight Loss

An Instagram user, Sharon, shared her weight loss journey, successfully dropping from 190 pounds to 130 pounds. She noted how the moissanite ring motivated her weight loss journey.

One of our customers, Elizabeth, is getting married in mid-July this year. Her fiancé gave her a moissanite engagement ring that he bought from Juyoyo last year. Elizabeth wants to lose weight before the wedding, she said whenever she feels like giving up and can't keep it up, the moissanite ring on her finger will motivate her and give her the motivation to keep losing weight. Now that the wedding is coming up, she has already lost 40 pounds!

However, scientists have not proven that moissanite rings work for weight loss. Therefore, the mental and psychological effects of using a moissanite ring for weight loss vary from person to person. But imagine wearing such a beautiful moissanite ring on your finger, you may feel full of energy and surrounded by a positive magnetic field.

4. Conclusion

Although moissanite rings have no direct influence on physical weight loss, in mental and psychological aspects, wearing moissanite rings can bring positive emotions to losing weight, motivating you to achieve your weight loss goals. However, losing weight still requires a healthy diet and regular exercise. Looking for beautiful and affordable moissanite engagement/wedding rings? Juyoyo website has the most affordable moissanite rings for you to choose from!

5. FAQs about Moissanite Rings

Does a moissanite ring work for weight loss?

A moissanite ring does not directly help you lose weight, however, wearing a moissanite ring mentally and psychologically works for weight loss varying from person to person.

Do weight loss rings work?

Weight loss rings have claimed that wearing a weight loss ring can increase metabolism and reduce hunger. However, there is little evidence to prove the effects of weight loss rings.

Can magnetic rings work for weight loss?

No, magnetic rings may have a placebo effect, helping people to increase their belief and desire to lose weight.

Is Moissanite a Real Diamond?

No, moissanite looks similar to a diamond but they have different characteristics. Moissanite is an affordable alternative to 'diamond'.