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How to Properly Care for Your Moissanite Rings

Feb 04,2024 | Juyoyo

Moissanite rings are a stunning alternative to traditional diamond rings, known for their brilliance and durability. To ensure that your moissanite rings continue to sparkle and shine, proper care is essential. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to maintain the beauty of your moissanite rings:

Juyoyo Pear shaped Moissanite White Gold Bezel Pavé Engagement Ring

Pear shaped Moissanite Bezel Pavé Engagement Ring


1. Regular Cleaning:

Gently clean your moissanite ring regularly to remove everyday dirt and oils. Use a mild soap and warm water solution with a soft brush to scrub the ring gently. This will help retain its brilliance.

2. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: 

Moissanite is resistant to most chemicals, but it's advisable to avoid exposure to harsh substances like bleach and chlorine. Remove your ring when engaging in activities involving chemicals to prevent potential damage.

3. Store Separately: 

Store your moissanite ring separately from other jewelry to prevent scratches. Consider keeping it in a soft pouch or a lined jewelry box to protect it from abrasive surfaces.

4. Professional Inspections: 

Periodically, take your moissanite ring to a professional jeweler for inspections. Professionals can check for loose stones, assess the setting, and ensure that the ring is in optimal condition.

5. Protect from Impact: 

While moissanite is durable, it can still be chipped or damaged by a strong impact. Avoid activities that may expose your ring to physical impact, and remove it if necessary.

6. Limited Sun Exposure: 

Moissanite can withstand sunlight, but prolonged exposure may cause a slight change in color over time. To maintain its original brilliance, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight when storing or wearing the ring.

7. Avoid Extreme Temperatures: 

Extreme temperature changes can affect the structural integrity of your moissanite ring. Remove it when engaging in activities like hot baths or swimming in cold water.

8. Professional Cleaning: 

Consider professional cleaning for your moissanite ring to ensure the thorough removal of any built-up residue and to restore its maximum brilliance. Professionals have the expertise to handle moissanite's unique characteristics.

9. Secure Setting: 

Ensure that the setting of your moissanite ring is secure. Loose prongs can lead to stone loss, so regular checks are crucial for preventing this issue.


By following these care tips, you can enjoy the timeless beauty of your moissanite ring for years to come. Proper care not only enhances its longevity but also ensures that it continues to dazzle with its exquisite brilliance.