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The Color Changing Magic: All About Alexandrite

Dec 04,2023 | Juyoyo

Alexandrite contains the wonders of nature. Its unique color-changing mechanism gives it a soft green color in sunlight and a deep red color in artificial light, as if the gemstone contains magical powers. Alexandrite is known not only for its beauty, but also for its rich history and symbolism.

In this fascinating journey, we will delve into the secrets of alexandrite, from its ancient discovery to its unique physical properties, to how to choose and care for this exotic stone, as Juyoyo unravels the mystery and fascination of this colorful stone.

Ready for this jewelry exploration of alexandrite? Follow us on this magical journey of colorful transformation.

Background and Origin of Alexandrite

History of the Alexandrite and how it was discoveredUral Mountains

The story of the Alexandrite dates back to the early 19th century, when it was first discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia. Rumor has it that this mysterious stone, named for the way its color changes under different lights, symbolizes the different personalities that Alexander the Great possessed. Its strange color-changing effect has become one of its intriguing qualities, attracting widespread attention from jewelry enthusiasts and archaeologists alike.

Special properties of gems and color change mechanism

Alexandrite is remarkable because of its special physical properties. Its hardness, refractive index and luster combine to create the unique appearance of this gemstone. Even more amazing is the mechanism of alexandrite's color change, created by the interaction of trace amounts of chromium and natural light. In sunlight, it takes on an enchanting green color, while in warm light it changes to a deep red color, as if in a show of magic.

Physical properties and color changes

AlexandriteAlexandrite hardness, refractive index and luster

Hardness: Alexandrite has a hardness of 8.5 on the Mohs scale and shows considerable resistance to scratching. This makes it one of the most popular stones for everyday wear and jewelry making.

Refractive Index: The refractive index of alexandrite varies between 1.744 and 1.755 as light passes through it. This high refractive index gives it a strong refractive effect that enhances the stone's color expression in different light.

Luster: Alexandrite exhibits an intense glassy luster that gives its surface a captivating glow. This luster gives alexandrite its unique visual appeal, making it attractive in a variety of jewelry designs.

The principle of alexandrite color change

Alexandrite's color variations originate from trace amounts of chromium, which trigger unique color changes through interaction with natural light. In sunlight, it takes on a fresh green color, while under indoor lighting, it transforms into a deep red. This magical mechanism of change gives alexandrite its unique visual appeal.


Alexandrite colors and qualities

The main colors and shades of alexandrite

 AlexandriteClear Green: This is the typical color of alexandrite when exposed to sunlight, full of life and freshness. This green color is often associated with nature and the energy of spring.

Deep Red: Under artificial light, alexandrite appears as a deep red color that exudes luxury and mystery. This color often complements romantic dinners and social occasions.

Neutral Tones: Alexandrite variations may also include neutral tones, between green and red, creating a balanced and distinctive look.

Identification criteria and assessment of color change

Intensity of Color Change

Light Switching Observation: Careful observation of the stone's behavior under different lighting conditions, from natural light to artificial light, especially in everyday light or under lights.

Natural Light Test: Exposing alexandrite to natural light and observing whether there is a noticeable change in color and how vibrant the color is.

Uniformity of Color

Look closely: Look carefully at each part of the alexandrite to ensure that the color remains uniform throughout the stone, with no excessive banding or inconsistencies.

Through a magnifying glass: Use a magnifying glass to examine the stone at a microscopic level to ensure that the color is evenly distributed and that there are no significant differences.


Focus on color vibrancy: Choose alexandrites that display unique and striking colors to ensure that they are coherent in their overall color expression.

Professional advice: Seek the advice of a jewelry professional about the different colors of alexandrite to better recognize its uniqueness.

Symbolism of Alexandrite Engagement Ring

The Mysterious and Ancient Stone of Blessing

Alexandrite has been regarded as a stone of blessing since ancient times, and its color variations are believed to be associated with peace, good fortune and happiness. In various ancient cultures, alexandrite has been imbued with mystical powers and is believed to bring good luck and good wishes. When choosing alexandrite as the wedding band of choice, it is not just about choosing a precious gemstone, it is about introducing mystical blessings into married life. This gemstone becomes a symbol of peace and happiness for the couple, witnessing their beautiful and mystical marriage journey.

Deeply felt symbols of contemporary society

In contemporary society, alexandrite is more than just a gemstone; it is a symbol of deep emotional expression. Its color variations are like the twists and turns of love, skillfully coalescing the ups and downs of each relationship into a ring. The alexandrite ring is a symbol of deep affection between husband and wife, and is a testament to the eternity of love. Each alexandrite has a unique charm, and the matching ring becomes a medium of communication between the couple, witnessing and recording the sublimation of their love. By choosing alexandrite wedding bands, the couple's deep feelings find a match in this stone, treasuring their precious love forever.

Alexandrite Engagement Ring

Care and Cleaning of Alexandrite Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are a symbol of love, and in order to make this symbol more durable and sparkling, proper care and cleaning is crucial. Here are some tips on caring for your alexandrite wedding band

Daily Care Advice for Alexandrite Rings

Avoid exposure to chemicals: Try to avoid wearing your alexandrite ring in contact with chemicals, such as detergents, perfumes and cosmetics, which may affect the luster and color of the stone.

Be gentle with the stones: Even though alexandrite is relatively high in hardness, it is still advisable to remove the ring during heavy physical activity or sports to avoid scratching the stone or causing deformation of the metal.

Regular inspection: Periodically check the sturdiness of the ring's base and claw jaw teeth to ensure that the alexandrite is securely set in the ring.

How to Properly Clean and Care for Alexandrite Wedding Bands

Gentle cleaning Gently scrub the surface of the alexandrite with mild soapy water and a soft brush to remove accumulated dirt. Be careful not to use hard brushes or strong detergents that may damage the stone.

Foam cleaning: Soak your alexandrite ring in mild soapy water and gently brush the surface of the stone with a soft brush.

Avoid heat: Avoid exposing your ring to high temperatures, as alexandrite is subject to thermal expansion and contraction.


Whether it's an engagement ring or a wedding band, Juyoyo is committed to providing each couple with a one-of-a-kind jewelry experience. Our customization service is more than just providing gemstones, it is the beginning of creating your own love story. Alexandrite, with its mysterious colors and rich lore, is ideal for wedding rings. It has carried deep symbolism of love in various cultures since ancient times. Choosing an alexandrite ring is choosing a journey of love filled with mystery and uniqueness.

Finally, we encourage every reader to express their personality and feelings by choosing an alexandrite ring not just for a piece of jewelry. Let this unique taste be the sparkling embellishment of your love story, and let alexandrite witness the best moments of your life.

Whether you are looking for traditional romance or unique fashion, alexandrite rings can be a symbol of eternal love. Thank you for joining Juyoyo on this amazing journey of alexandrite.