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A complete buying guide to moss agate engagement rings

May 09,2023 | Juyoyo

If you are looking for a gemstone ring with a difference, a moss agate engagement ring fits the bill perfectly, as each moss agate is unique, which is one of the reasons for its popularity.


What is Moss Agate?

Moss agate, also known as mocha stone, is a naturally occurring stone that comes primarily from fractured volcanic rocks. Moss agate is a part of the agate family, and it is classified as such because it is a semi-precious stone composed of silica and has the many colors and patterns of agate. It is not technically an agate, however, because it lacks the striated pattern of true agate.


The Appearance of Moss Agate

Moss agate looks like moss, which is a green mineral, and these minerals can take on brown or black patterns, so no two moss agates in the world can be found exactly alike. The surface of moss agate looks smooth and shiny. It is usually green in hue, but also comes in white and gray, most often a soft green with a blue tone.


The value of moss agate

The value of moss agate all depends on many factors, and in general, the value of this gemstone is quite modest. Its price is determined primarily by labor or artistry, rather than the value of the stone itself. Some larger moss agates, or moss agates with very distinctive colors or patterns, will have a higher value, as they are favored by gem collectors.


Benefits of moss agate engagement rings

Moss Agate is a great value and will allow you to get a large, striking stone at a reasonable price.

Moss agate is a hard stone, so if you want a durable and elegant ring, moss agate engagement rings meet this selection criteria.

If you are a sensitive person who is easily distracted by the outside world and prone to emotional anxiety, purchasing a moss agate engagement ring may be helpful. This is because moss agate can help you become more confident, boost your self-esteem and help you become more assertive. Moss agate can relieve negative emotions. It is a stone that balances emotions, helps you reduce anxiety and worry, releases stress, and allows you to focus on yourself and make peace with your inner world. Moss Agate can also improve your concentration level, which can help people who are not concentrating enough.

Moss agate engagement rings not only make a glamorous statement, they also help keep your skin healthy. This is because moss agate protects against fungal and skin infections, has anti-inflammatory properties, and can support and nourish you when your immune system is low, helping you fight colds and runny noses with ease, and it can prevent dehydration and low blood sugar. If you have not been feeling well lately, perhaps a moss agate engagement ring would help.

Juyoyo Hexagon Cut Moss Agate Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Juyoyo Vintage Hexagon Cut Moss Agate Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Juyoyo Kite Shaped Moss Agate Solitaire Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Juyoyo Oval Cut Moss Agate White Gold Twisted Engagement Ring

Juyoyo Oval Cut Moss Agate White Gold Amethyst Twisted Engagement Ring

Juyoyo pear shaped moss agate rose gold engagement ring

     Juyoyo Pear Shaped Moss Agate Rose Gold 3/4 Eternity Twisted Engagement Ring

pear shaped engagement ring set

Juyoyo 3Pcs Oval Cut Moss Agate Rose Gold Engagement Ring Set

Juyoyo 3Pcs Oval Cut Moss agate Rose gold engagement ring set

Juyoyo 3Pcs Oval Cut Moss Agate Rose Gold Engagement Ring Set


How to clean and store moss agate engagement rings?

It is important to clean your moss agate engagement ring regularly, you can fumigate the moss agate with lavender or sage, you can also put it in water to wash away those toxic odors. You can place it near greenery to recharge it. Effective cleaning will help to boost its power. Moss agate is rated 7 on the Mohs scale, which means it is a hard stone, please do not put it moss agate engagement rings and jewelry together as it may scratch other stones.


Select or design a moss agate engagement ring

At Juyoyo, If you want an engagement ring that is unique in the world, moss agate engagement rings can meet this need. We have a collection of well-designed moss agate rings, or if you want to customize a moss agate engagement ring, you can contact us.