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12 Different Types of Necklaces Perfect for Daily Wear

Mar 29,2024 | Juyoyo

It's time to add a little something to your elegant neck! What comes to mind? Yes, the first thing I think of is various necklaces, but sometimes it can be quite perplexing because you might not know the formal names for the styles you like, making it inconvenient when making a purchase. Therefore, I believe it's essential to first understand the types of necklaces. This article will list 12 different types of necklaces suitable for everyday wear.


Chains Necklaces 

chains necklace

Chains Necklaces are a combination of many links that are tightly connected and are a very classic and popular type of necklaces, usually thicker chains for men and more compact and slim designs for women. This kind of necklace is very versatile, no matter what kind of clothes can choose to the right style, you can also choose a different thickness, length or different styles of necklaces to wear on top of each other, there will be a different kind of feeling.


Pendant Necklaces

opal pandant nacklace

Pendant necklaces are the most classic necklaces, consisting of a chain and a pendant, with a wide selection of pendants, such as gemstones, pearls, crosses, etc. The general length of the chain is controlled at the center of the collarbone, 2-3 cm below the center of the necklace, so that it can display the pendant more perfectly, and can elongate the neck line.



choker nacklace

Chokers are accessories that encircle the neck and fit closely. They have a long history dating back 5,000 years to Ancient Egypt when they served a protective function for the neck. They became popular during the European Renaissance in the 14th-17th centuries, with nobles wearing chokers to showcase their wealth and status. In the 18th century, they became a major fashion trend in France. After continuous evolution, chokers have now become a new trend, with more and more women using them to embellish their outfits.



collar nacklace

Collars are similar to chokers in that they fit closely around the neck. However, collars are positioned below the neck (approximately where the collar of a shirt would be), while chokers are a higher-positioned adornment. Additionally, collars are generally wider.



locket nacklaces

Lockets are a type of pendant necklace that can be opened, usually containing a photograph. During the Victorian era, they were often seen at funerals, with portraits of the deceased placed inside as a way of remembering them. Nowadays, lockets are no longer confined to these traditional ideas, with more people using them to hold portraits of loved ones, family members, pets, etc., as a gift option.


Pearl Necklaces

pearl nacelace

Pearl necklaces have a very long history, as a symbol of nobility and elegance, pearl jewelry is also known as the "Queen of Jewelry", the famous actress Audrey Hepburn is a pearl jewelry loyalists. Each pearl is different, the origin of different pearls is also different, Akoya pearls are the world's most well-known pearls.


Multi-Strand Necklaces

multi strand nacklace

Multi-Strand Necklaces are a combination of beaded chains of different lengths, all chained to the same ring clasp, this necklace has a strong sense of hierarchy, perfect for matching V-neck clothing, so that the overall not so monotonous.


Tennis Necklaces

tennis nacelace

Tennis necklaces are a new popular necklace style, characterized by an entire chain inlaid with gemstones, you can also choose the same stones, mixed stones and other combinations; choose the same shape, different shapes of gemstone combinations, chain lengths are long and short, suitable for a variety of needs.


Initial Necklaces

Initial nacklace

Initial Necklaces are also a type of pendant necklaces, which are made with letters of the alphabet as pendants, and are the first choice of many couples, who can customize two initial necklaces of their own, with a beautiful meaning.


Charm Necklaces

charm nacklace

Many people may think this is the same as a pendant necklace, but there are indeed similarities in design. The main difference is that charm necklaces have smaller pendants that can be worn around the neck, wrist, or ankle, while pendant necklaces generally have larger pendants more suitable for wearing around the neck.


Lariat Necklaces

lariat nacklace

Lariat necklaces are also known as Y-shaped necklaces, her design is different from the usual necklaces, it does not have the traditional clasp, a section of the necklace will pass through the pendant or a specially designed component, you can flexibly adjust the length of the desired effect, the chain as a whole will be longer, will play a role in modifying the neck line, suitable for matching with V-necked garments or matching with the high-necked garments.


Station Necklaces 

station necklace

Station necklaces are necklaces with gemstones or decorations evenly distributed along the chain. Their small and delicate design is very suitable for a simple matching style. A station necklace paired with a simple button-down shirt for work is very appropriate.