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10 Best Places for Marriage Proposal

Mar 13,2024 | Juyoyo

Are you getting ready to pop the question but not sure where to do it? While some may suggest fancy destinations like the Aegean Sea in Greece, Provence in France, Paris, or the Maldives, not everyone can afford to travel to these places.

That's why we've put together a list of romantic marriage proposal spots that are accessible to everyone, and that prioritize love and sincerity over extravagance. So, without further ado, let's dive into the first location... 


1. The place where you met for the first time

Hey there! I have a suggestion for you - why not propose in the same place where you first met?

It can be such a romantic and meaningful way to recreate that special moment. Whether the location is stunning or simple, it will always bring back those cherished memories!

Did you know that choosing the place where you first met as a proposal location and paying attention to the details of the original encounter can significantly increase the chances of a successful proposal? Reminiscing about the first time the two of you met is such a romantic gesture and will surely make your partner feel special and loved.

2. The place of the first confession

If your first encounter is not good, it might as well change to the place of the first confession, which can never go wrong, all the scenes are as far as possible to restore, just need to change the sentence "Will you be my girlfriend?" Change it to "Will you marry me?"

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Twisted Vine Round Moissanite Engagement Ring


3. Seaside

We must not be unfamiliar with the beach as a place to propose, which is the choice of many people, the evening of the beach, the sunshine on the beach, the seawater mapping the evening sun, the breeze .... is so cozy and romantic.

You hold her hand step by step forward, the beach will be the marks you have walked through the memory, you pretend to calmly talk with her, and suddenly you kneel on one knee, will you carefully prepare for her to take out the engagement ring, face her carefully said: "Will you marry me?" You are as beautiful as the scenery.


4. Home

Home is often the most relaxing place to propose. You can prepare the surprise without raising too much suspicion, and you can be very attentive to the proposal surprise. If the proposal is made in a place that will soon become your shared home, every day after that, you'll remember the touching moment.


5. Amusement park

Does your girlfriend like going to amusement parks? If the answer is yes, she will be very happy with this proposal. How can she reject a girl who suddenly said she was going to the bathroom when she was playing with her, but actually went to change a set of doll clothes to hold a bouquet of her favorite flowers and clumsily ran over to propose to you?

6. school

If you and she are a couple from the school to the marriage hall, the proposed venue in the school is a very romantic choice. This place witnessed the beginning of your relationship and your growth together, you from youthful ignorance to maturity, from not needing to consider the firewood and rice to deal with the trivialities of life together, the blandest romance is just so.

Moissanite Toi et Moi Engagement Ring in White gold

Moissanite Toi et Moi Engagement Ring in White gold

7. Movie theater

If both of you are more outgoing people, the proposed venue in the movie theater is not a bad choice. Might as well "buy through" the movie theater before the start of the movie at the end of the screening put on your carefully prepared for her "Memoirs of Love", the lights on the moment, the movie screening room, people cheering, in the blessing of watching you on one knee for her to put on the ring look! The movie will be shown in a movie theater with people cheering and wishing for you to kneel and put the ring on her finger.

8. Restaurant

In the plot of the movie, the ring is placed inside the food waiting for her to eat when found. But this is not suitable for too obvious dates, for example, you suddenly told her that tonight dress up a little more grand to take her to eat so-and-so fancy restaurant, this will let her notice. 

It's better to choose a restaurant you already frequent: 1. the owner is an acquaintance of yours and can prepare for you; 2. your girlfriend won't notice your preparation. It may be relatively spartan, but if it's a gesture that will surprise her, enough is enough.


9. In the game

If both of you enjoy playing games and happen to play the same game, proposing in the virtual game world can be unique. When she was full of unbelievable looks at you, please will you have been ready to take out the proposal ring and say: "Not a game, I am serious." 

I can already imagine how happy she'll be as she rushes over to you and hugs you and says yes.

10. A place she's always wanted to go but hasn't yet.

In a place she has always wanted to propose, this is undoubtedly a very big surprise for her. Please "hide" this trip, do not expose it, you only need to tell her to take her to play, the whole to you to arrange, let her follow you on it, and so she arrived, found that is she has always wanted to come to the place, and even, there is a huge "surprise", which should be an unforgettable memory for her! It should be a memory that will last forever for her. You love her, so you remember what she wants and give it to her.


The best place to propose is not that far away place, not so much out of reach, but the place where you both are.

Tips: please do not forget to prepare a good camera for your surprise (quietly hide the camera or find a person to say in advance to help record it), and record this happy moment that belongs to you, congratulations in advance on the success of your proposal ~!


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