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The Best Marriage Proposal Guide: 10 Things You Should Do to Propose

Mar 16,2024 | Juyoyo

Firstly, congratulations on finding your life partner! Secondly, you need to ensure that you are fully prepared. By reaching this point, you have already succeeded halfway. The other half involves planning a successful proposal. It's important to note that planning a proposal is a crucial matter. You need sufficient time to prepare, so starting early is a wise decision.

To help you perfect this long-awaited moment, we've spoken with many women who have been proposed to and have 10 summarized the essential things to do before proposing:


1. Understand your partner's thoughts

This is very important. Before you start any planning, you need to be clear about whether your partner is ready for marriage. If she is ready to spend the rest of her life with you, then you can confidently begin your proposal plan. Here, I must emphasize not to ask directly. You can gather this information through her close friends and make sure they agree not to reveal your plan to avoid spoiling the surprise.


2. Inform parents in advance

You may think it's old-fashioned, considering the freedom in relationships nowadays, why do you still need to seek approval from parents for a proposal? You might think it's an unnecessary move. However, every family is different. Look at it from a different perspective: if one day your daughter is in a relationship with a boyfriend and they get engaged without your knowledge, how would you feel? But if this young man informs you in advance that he wants to propose to your daughter, that he loves her... how would you feel then? I believe you would also want to be involved in the joy of your daughter's proposal.


3. Prepare your engagement ring

How can a perfect proposal be without this gadget? You need to purchase an engagement ring in advance. You need to carefully select the size and style. In a confidential proposal plan, you need to be a bit more "cunning" in this step. Pretend not to care about her jewelry, but actually use this opportunity to learn her ring size and the style she likes. You can choose customization to integrate your unique memories with the ring.

(Tips for understanding the size: Remember the ring she wears on her right middle finger, then find a suitable time to quietly measure the size. If you don't have a ruler at the time, you can wear the ring on your own finger, remember the position, and then go home to measure the size with a ruler. Of course, you don't need to worry too much. Even if it's not a perfect fit, jewelers generally offer ring resizing services.)

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4. Find a suitable location

A suitable proposal location is particularly important for this occasion. A place with profound significance can increase the success rate of the proposal. You also need to visit the location in advance to set up your proposal scene. You need to prepare all the props and other items you will use that day. You also need to know the weather and road conditions of that place on that day.

Hey there! If you're having trouble deciding on a location, we've got you covered! Check out our latest blog post on the '10 Best Places for a Marriage Proposal' for some inspiration!


5. Prepare a "speech"

This exciting plan definitely cannot be without your heartfelt "speech." At this point, some people may start to question why this needs preparation. Why do you need to prepare a speech for such deep feelings? Won't it seem insincere? Of course not. Here, you're not writing a long article, but spending more time remembering the words you most want to say. Since you've already planned, why not make it perfect? If you're not prepared and become nervous when proposing, with a blank mind, what would you do? Preparing in advance is just in case.

Many women who have been proposed to say, "I still remember what he said at that time. Maybe he didn't know what he was saying afterwards due to nervousness, but it was really sincere, and I was really touched." Here, a reminder: don't forget that one sentence, "Will you marry me?"


6. Find a perfect box for the engagement ring

Imagine if your girlfriend found the ring before you proposed, then all your plans would be in vain. You need to carefully store it and, on the day of the proposal, you need to place it in a completely inconspicuous place but where you can access it at any time.

(Tip: Do we need to mention this surprise? Your sleeve, bag, socks, etc., are all perfect hiding places.)

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7. Prepare a videographer

Do not miss recording the proposal process. This will be a memory you share in the future, and you will want to share it with your children. You can invite a friend or hire a professional photographer. I suggest choosing both. A friend can record in advance under the pretext of recording, as they already know, but if a professional photographer starts shooting before the theme is revealed, it may arouse suspicion. The photographer can better and more professionally record when you start the theme.

(Tip: If you propose in a place where there are only the two of you, please set up the camera in advance and press the record button, placing it in a place where you can't see it but can completely see you.)


8. Plan a celebration

Don't forget to celebrate after a successful proposal. Prepare champagne, sparkling water, and a venue. Whether it's just the two of you or you invite your friends and family, celebrate this happy moment together.


9. Maintain flexibility in your plan

Because plans can encounter unexpected situations at any time, such as rain or her being very upset recently due to something very sad happening to her. At such times, don't rush to implement the plan; it will backfire. Wait until her mood improves to surprise her.


10. Stay calm

Lastly, you must stay calm, plan your proposal well, and don't reveal it to her. Perhaps you are very excited at this moment, then please practice your ceremony more and recite the words you especially want to say more. Looking forward to you kneeling down and hearing her "yes."


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