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Popular Green Engagement Rings 2024

Jan 14,2024 | Juyoyo

In 2024, we observe the emergence of green engagement rings as a prominent and eye-catching new trend. This unique and vibrant color not only adds a lively element to the rings but also symbolizes new life, new beginnings, and prosperity.

Green engagement rings typically feature gemstones with distinctive colors and characteristics. Here are some common green gemstones:


Emerald ring

Emerald is one of the four precious gemstones, characterized by its deep green color, making it a gemstone of great nobility. Emerald stands out as a prime choice in green engagement rings, sought after for its rich green tones and dazzling luster, becoming a dream selection for many couples. Not only does emerald symbolize prosperity and vitality, but it also commands admiration for its long history and aristocratic ambiance.

The classic combination of emerald and diamonds has always been a timeless favorite. In 2024, this pairing might gain even more popularity, as it beautifully showcases the perfect contrast between deep green hues and the sparkling brilliance of white diamonds.



Jade ring

Jade has long been revered for its profound cultural significance and deep green hue. It is a traditional green gemstone highly esteemed in Eastern cultures. Jade exhibits different shades of green, ranging from deep emerald to light green, and it can also appear in white or purple variations.

In 2024, jade has become one of the popular gemstones for green engagement rings, infusing a vintage charm into wedding bands. From deep, dark emerald greens to refreshing apple greens, jade captivates individuals with its versatile tones, making it a captivating choice when selecting an engagement ring.


Green Sapphire:

Green Sapphire ring

Many people tend to associate sapphires with the color blue by default, but in reality, sapphire is a gemstone of diverse hues. It comes in various colors, including green. The green variant of sapphire is referred to as green sapphire. Typically displaying shades from deep green to light green, it is a hard and durable gemstone. Sapphires, representing loyalty, are a popular choice for engagement rings.

Green sapphire engagement rings are garnering significant attention in 2024. The deep green tones combined with the regal elegance of sapphires create a captivating and splendid aura. Green sapphires symbolize loyalty and evoke thoughts of fresh greenery in spring, infusing a sense of freshness and tranquility into the engagement ring.


Moss Agate:

In comparison to other green gemstones, moss agate presents an intriguing and distinctive choice. Moss agate is renowned for its unique green spots and natural textures, commonly utilized in jewelry design.

The natural textures and green spots of moss agate make it an exceptionally individualistic and refreshing gemstone. Designers may opt to incorporate green moss agate into unique ring designs, emphasizing its natural beauty and creating a distinctive ambiance. Green moss agate engagement rings are the ideal choice for individuals who appreciate the uniqueness and a touch of individuality.



Turquoise ring

Turquoise is a natural blue-green gemstone, and its inherent blue-green tones inject a relaxed and natural feel into the green engagement ring trend of 2024. When paired with silver or gold ring settings, turquoise presents a fresh atmosphere reminiscent of a tranquil morning beach, creating a sensation as if one were immersed in the serenity of nature. 


Green Aventurine:

Green Aventurine ring

Known for its glittering reflective effect due to its included mineral flakes, Green Aventurine, derived from the Italian word "a Ventura," is considered one of the luckiest crystals. It is a popular choice for green engagement rings, especially with platinum, showcasing its uniqueness.


Green Zircon:

Green Zircon ring

Zircon, a natural mineral, can exhibit various colors, including green. Green Zircon serves as an economical alternative with excellent luster and fire. For those seeking an affordable yet green-hued wedding ring, Green Zircon is an ideal choice.



Peridot is an ancient mineral with a colorful gemstone variety, displaying shades of green, yellow-green, or olive green. It holds cultural significance as a symbol of peace, health, and prosperity. Peridot is often reasonably priced, typically around $100, making it a cost-effective choice for green engagement rings.

The green engagement ring trends of 2024 showcase diversity, innovation, and uniqueness. Whether opting for the traditional jade, the laid-back turquoise, the loyal green sapphire, the elegant emerald, or the unique moss agate, individuals can find a green ring that suits their taste and style. This trend is not just a fashion choice but also a symbol of a beautiful married life.