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What you need to know about buying an opal engagement ring.

May 09,2023 | Juyoyo

Opal is the October birthstone, and many people use it in their engagement rings because it is said to bring good luck. At Juyoyo, we take product knowledge very seriously so that we can provide you with the best quality. In this blog, we will cover the types and significance of opal and the benefits of choosing an opal engagement ring.


What is Opal?

Opal is a white stone belonging to the silicate mineral family, it is made of sodium-potassium-aluminum silicate, a gemstone formed from silica-rich water that gives off a rainbow of colors. The common opal has a pearly opal appearance, in addition to blue opal, fire opal, pink opal, black opal, purple opal, etc. Opal is amorphous, which means it has a non-crystalline structure, and it is molded from solidified silica, which contains 5 - 10% water.


Types of Opal

  • Solid Opal: a stone composed of Opal
  • Opal Duplex: Consists of a thin layer of precious opal and a darker layer of material usually made of bocci opal, obsidian, ironstone or agate.
  • Opal triplet: Containing a dark backing similar to a double layer with a third transparent top layer (made of plastic or transparent quartz) to protect the opal, these stones are less valuable because this looks artificial and therefore they are the least valuable of the three.

Colors of Opal

There are several different styles of opal on the market, each with its own color and meaning.

  • Black Opal: Dark gray to black in color, this stone is usually translucent to opaque, which helps us in the world
    It helps us to feel grounded, stable and secure in the world.
  • Fire opal : Also known as Mexican opal, it is red to orange-brown in color and can be translucent to translucent. It helps to stimulate our passion and increase awareness.
  • Pink opal : Helps you get rid of negative emotions such as resentment and jealousy and relieves negative emotions.
  • Blue opal: allows you to express your true feelings and improve communication.


Benefits of Choosing Opal Engagement Rings

Opals can prevent nightmares, It moves your life forward by injecting inspiration and energy,and if a person is suffering from nightmares and is feeling restless, an opal engagement ring may help.


Opal engagement rings have a significant role for couples.Opal helps to promote bonding between lovers, promotes love, harmony and mutual trust between couples, has the power to reduce pain and sadness in love life, and if you are looking for an anniversary ring, an Opal engagement ring is a perfect choice.


Opal can alleviate negative emotions such as anxiety and stress and has a profound effect on its wearer; it understands one's emotions and feelings and helps you eliminate negative emotions. It also encourages independence and can stimulate passion and creativity, allowing the wearer to maintain clear thinking. If you are experiencing difficulties in your career or relationship, perhaps an opal engagement ring can help you get out of a difficult situation.


Juyoyo Smooth Oval Shape Opal Rose Gold Vintage Engagement Ring

Juyoyo Smooth Oval Shape Opal Rose Gold Vintage Engagement Ring

Juyoyo Oval Cut Opal Rose Gold Vintage Engagement Ring

Juyoyo Oval Cut Opal Rose Gold Vintage Engagement Ring

Juyoyo Emerald Cut Opal Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Juyoyo Emerald Cut Opal Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Juyoyo pear shaped opal rose gold 3/4 eternity Twisted engagement ring

Juyoyo Pear Shape Opal Rose Gold Twisted Engagement Ring

Juyoyo Cluster Moissanite Gold Opal Curved Wedding Band

Juyoyo Cluster Moissanite Gold Opal Curved Wedding Band

Juyoyo opal rose gold curved wedding band engagement stacking ring

Juyoyo Opal 14K Rose Gold Curved Wedding Band




The value of opal engagement rings

The value of an opal engagement ring depends mainly on the value of the opal, which is related to its quality, type, brilliance and clarity. In terms of quality, pure opals are more valuable than layered opals, and dark opals are more valuable than light ones. In terms of variety, rare varieties of opal gems are more valuable than widely available opal gems. Natural opals are more valuable than lab-created opals. In terms of brilliance, the shinier an opal gemstone is, the more valuable it is. In terms of clarity, the following drawbacks can affect the value of opal stones and anyone can identify the stones by the following methods.


Defects in opals can ultimately affect the value of opal engagement rings.
The presence of unwanted, untreated additions inside the gemstone, which will devalue the value of the Opal Colorless spots on the surface of the gemstone, which will destroy the overall beauty of the stone and will reduce the value of the Opal The presence of reticulations, meaning gray threads, which will make the stone look somewhat broken.


Tips for caring for your opal engagement ring

Opals range from 5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which means they are a relatively soft stone. Therefore, opal engagement rings must be treated with great care to avoid damaging their surface and compromising their beauty. Do not expose opal engagement rings to high temperatures as this will cause the opal to crack. It is recommended to store Opal jewelry separately from other jewelry and remember to remove it before doing any intense work. Harsh cleaning products should be avoided, as well as ultrasonic cleaners, as this can also lead to cracking. Double and triple opals should not be immersed in water as over time this will cause the glue that binds them to deteriorate.


In addition

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