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Why Choose Moonstone Engagement Rings?

May 09,2023 | Juyoyo

Moonstone, the l June birthstone, is a stone that symbolizes the divine feminine and has a long history of being a beautiful, sacred and holy stone. The Romans even gave it the image of Diana, the goddess of the moon, wealth and love, so choosing a moonstone engagement ring is a good choice.


What is moonstone?

One of the magical and beautiful gemstones, moonstone is composed of sodium potassium aluminum silicate, a feldspar mineral that symbolizes divine femininity.

Moonstone has many color bodies, usually white or colorless, but it also comes in pink, green, gray, yellow, brown and blue colors. Often opaque or translucent, this stone is often used in jewelry such as rings and necklaces. Its transparency varies from transparent to opaque, and it exhibits a light transformation known as albinism, which produces a shimmering or luminous appearance on its surface, a phenomenon determined by the stone's internal structure, which refracts light in a unique way.

What does the value of moonstone depend on?

Although moonstone is one of the more common gemstones available, quality moonstone gems are very rare, determined by the color, clarity and cut of the moonstone.

  • In terms of color

milky, opaque moonstones are fairly easy to find and therefore relatively cheaper than other specimens. Rare blue moonstones are highly prized, and such stones are completely unique in Sri Lanka, making moonstones from Sri Lanka the most valuable. The most valuable moonstones are usually transparent and have a distinctive blue hue. This type of stone is very rare, as it is no longer available in all the mines that historically produced them. The Adula Mountains in Switzerland are home to the most historic moonstone mines.

  • In terms of clarity

the clearer the moonstone, the higher the price. Ideally, the stone should have no or almost no visible inclusions. Clearer moonstones are better in terms of perception. Less valuable moonstones have inclusions inside, which can reduce the value of the stone.

  • In terms of cut

common moonstone cuts include cabochon, faceted and carved. Of these, the cabochon cut is the most common cut for moonstone, and this cut highlights the natural brilliance of the stone and gives it a soft, luminous and unique appearance.


What are the types of moonstone?

  • White moonstone: enhances psychic perception, is a great magnifier of emotions, magnifies one's emotions, activates feminine energy and masculine emotional balance, can help children ward off bad dreams or insomnia.
  • Peach or yellow stone moonstone: illuminates darkness and soothes anxiety.
  • Rainbow Moonstone: Prism of light, provides mental protection, helps with lucid dreams and peaceful sleep.


Why choose a moonstone engagement ring?

If you're looking for a ring that speaks to your temperament and charm, perhaps a moonstone engagement ring fits your selection criteria. Moonstone can inspire the female ego and glow with vitality. We believe that the healing properties of moonstone can enhance and activate the feminine aspects of a woman, including her intuition, passion, energy, and more. 


For wealth and good love, you can also wear a moonstone ring. The history of the moonstone is recorded as the ancient Romans and Greeks believed that the moonstone was a gift from the moon goddess and that those who wore it could meet the goddess Diana and thus gain love and wealth.


If you are looking for a beautiful lucky amulet, then a moonstone ring fits your needs. Moonstone is a lucky stone that can bring good luck and prosperity to your life, it can be worn for better concentration and it absorbs positive energy and keeps away negative energy, which is one of the reasons why moonstone engagement rings are popular.


Juyoyo 椭圆形切割彩虹月光石玫瑰金订婚戒指

Juyoyo Oval Cut Rainbow Moonstone Rose Gold Twisted Engagement Ring

Juyoyo Pear shaped Moonstone Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Juyoyo Pear Shaped Moonstone Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Juyoyo Marquise Cut Moonstone Rose Gold Dainty Engagement Ring

Juyoyo Marquise Cut Moonstone Rose Gold Dainty Engagement Ring

Juyoyo Unique Moonstone Rose Gold Curved Wedding Band

Juyoyo Unique Moonstone Ring Rose Gold Curved Wedding Band

Juyoyo Rainbow  Rose Gold Vintage Moonstone Engagement Ring

Juyoyo Rainbow Rose Gold Vintage Moonstone Engagement Ring

Juyoyo 3PCS Pear Shaped Moonstone Yellow Gold Pavé Engagement Ring Set

Juyoyo 3PCS Pear Shaped Moonstone Yellow Gold Pavé Engagement Ring Set



How to clean and preserve a moonstone engagement ring?

Please do not expose moonstone engagement rings to chemical cleaning products. It is recommended that they can be cleaned with running water, which will remove any residual stains from the surface of the stones, avoid exposing them to high temperatures that could cause them to break or fracture, and it is recommended that they be stored separately in a soft pouch or compartment of a jewelry box, which will prevent scratching other jewelry.